President of AWSL Executive Committee Position Now Available

Executive Committee President position is now open to all qualified candidates. Please see job description. All interested individuals can send their candidacy statement to with President of AWSL in the subject line. The President will be elected by vote at the Captain's Meeting in May.

President of AWSL Executive Committee


The President shall serve as a representative and spokesperson of the AWSL, preside over meetings of the Board and Executive Committee, and coordinate and direct activities of the Board. The President shall appoint all committees, with the exception of the Executive Committee, subject to approval by the Executive Committee. It shall be the duty of the President to enforce the Constitution, Bylaws and Rules of the AWSL. The President shall act as liaison for the AWSL to all affected organizations. The President shall keep Division Commissioners fully informed of all league developments. The President must represent the Austin Women’s Soccer League and it’s desire to create a positive environment for women of all skill levels to participate in the game of soccer.


  • Oversee all Executive Committee Meetings (frequency subject to Committee’s discretion)
  • Work closely with Executive Committee to develop, grow, and support the AWSL
  • Maintain communication with commissioners and players
  • Oversee all Board of Captains Meetings
  • Communicate with TSSAS and work closely with our TSSAS representative
  • Produce and distribute monthly newsletters to AWSL players mailing list
  • Ensure rainouts and schedule changes are communicated through AWSL email list
  • Assist with AWSL-hosted tournaments

Additional Responsibilities:

  • The President of the Executive Committee shall also perform other reasonably related duties as assigned by the AWSL Executive Committee.


  • Expected to serve for two (2) consecutive terms and identify successor.
  • Each term will be one calendar year.

Minimum Requirements:

  • Current registered player in AWSL


  • Commitment to the position for the entire term
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Make decisions regarding AWSL business with input from Executive Committee
  • League growth as determined by the following measurable items:
  1. Increase in registered teams by Summer 2019 season
  2. Increased Executive Committee and Captain participation in AWSL decision-making
  3. Two successful AWSL-hosted tournaments by Summer 2019
  • Develop a system for smooth and simple transfer of responsibilities for Executive Committee positions 

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Sarah Soliz